Montessori Parent and Nanny Coach

Montessori Parent and Nanny Coach

158 Townmead Road, Fulham, London, SW6 2RA [ Map ]

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I have twenty years experience in childcare and an internationally recognised qualification in Maria Montessoriís theory and practice.

While studying Montessori's philosophy and methods I discovered that it was not her intention for her insights to be available only to those who were in an early years educational setting. Her wish was that all who came in contact with children would use her methods to help them develop into healthy, happy human beings.

As a Montessori practitioner it is my duty to share with parents/nannies the wisdom she intended them to have.

My goal is to help parents/nannies use Maria Montessoriís beautiful materials and methods to create a stimulating home environment in which the child is offered every opportunity to reach their full potential.

I will show you or your child's nanny how to:

* identify and cater for your child's developmental stages
* create a Montessori child friendly environment at home
* use Montessori's strategies for fostering independence
and self worth in your child
* shop for Montessori approved 'toys'
* cater for your child's inborn quest for independence
* help your child help themselves
* develop your child's self esteem
* help your child think and solve problems independently
* help your child take responsibility for his/her actions
* help your child learn to trust his/her own ability

And much more!

Call 07766 007989 for a free consultation.

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