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    This is a Hardback book of the following, KEATS DAYS WITH THE POETS THIS BOOK IS DATED 1911 GIVEN AS A GIFT FOR CHRISTMAS THIS BOOK IS VERY OLD AND AS SUCH FOR IT AGE IS SHOWING WEAR AND TEAR, the photos are in very good condition the front edge binding has damage and inside...

    For Sale : Negotiable

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    For Sale : £2

    Promotional Calendars to grow your Business in 2020
  • The Foster Factory by David Learmont.

    An elderly couple become foster carers. Witty, acerbic, sad and hilarious. Paperback, kindle and nook book. Stylish writing with a twist! David and Marsha Learmont are an admirable couple, she with her kind heart and he with his "heart of stone" -- also his irony, sarcasm, jaundiced...

    For Sale : £7

    The Foster Factory by David Learmont.
  • The Foster Factory by David Learmont

    This book is a remarkable achievement and the author made me laugh on almost every page with his humorous and entertaining turns of phrase. Sharp wit and irony weren't what I expected from a book about an elderly couple becoming foster carers, but they are here in abundance. David and...

    For Sale : £7

    The Foster Factory by David Learmont
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Crisis 2000ad #56 Fleetway Comic Magazine 1991
Time Left : 21d 21h 34m
The Johnny Nemo Magazine #1,2,3 By Peter Milligan & Brett Ewins, Eclipse Comics
Time Left : 22d 1h 37m
Deadline #40 May 1992 Magazine
Time Left : 22d 17h 57m
!Gag! #4 1988 Harrier Comics
Time Left : 23d 3h 40m
Binky Brown Meets The Holy Virgin Mary, Justin Green 1972 Last Gasp Comics Comix
Time Left : 10d 14h 22m
Johnny Ryan?s XXX Scumbag Party, Vol.2 Angry Youth Comix, Fantagraphics
Time Left : 26d 17h 59m
what?re you lookin? at?! By Johnny Ryan, Vol.1 Angry Youth Comix Fantagraphics
Time Left : 26d 18h
Sacred And Profane By Justin Green Last Gasp Comic Comix 1976
Time Left : 26d 18h 1m
Hairy Who? 1966-1969 - 9780300236903 Art Institute Chicago, Yale
Time Left : 18d 14h 53m
Fashion and Politics by Djurdja Bartlett 9780300238860 | Yale - Brand New
Time Left : 18d 15h 6m
The Mediaeval Stage - Vol 1 and 2 set - E K Chambers 1903
Time Left : 19d 17h 49m
That?s Because You?re a Robot By Shaky Kane & David Quantick Comic
Time Left : 23d 19h 56m
Justin Green?s Show & Tell Comics - Print Mint 1973
Time Left : 23d 20h 13m
Devient Slice Comix By Greg Irons & Tom Veitch - Print Mint 1973
Time Left : 23d 20h 26m
Space Riders Issue 1 + FREE Patch! Zirrit-Rangel, JR-Ferrier, Black Mask Comic
Time Left : 6d 23h 42m
Problems in European Civilisation: 5 book series; Spitz, Green, Havigurst et al
Time Left : 1d 6h 13m
Human Resource Management By Derek Torrington - Book As New
Time Left : 7d 9h 53m
An Exhibition Always Hides Another Exhibition - Texts on Hans Ulrich Obrist...
Time Left : 14d 11h 26m
Contracts Not Covered, or Not Fully Covered, by the Pub - Paperback NEW Carina R
Time Left : 23d 23h 56m
Preteen/Middle Grade/YA Book Bundle: Animals Fantasy Non-Fiction 5 Books
Time Left : 24d 16h 30m
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